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by smoothtalker on October 4, 2011

Have a Stock Pile Of Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls


Many times men want to have a good stock of pick-up lines to use on girls simply to break the ice and get the woman to smile.  This is about all you want to use the pick-up line for and you really do need to be careful with what line you decide to try.  If you come off the wrong way it may have a very negative affect on the way she reacts to your line.


Choosing a pick up line is not all that hard, but you want to make sure you avoid the sleazy lines and some of the lines that are very cheesy.  These can get a reaction more like a smack across your face or a simple eye roll and a sigh.  You want to make her smile and break the ice for a conversation, which is done with cleverer pick-up lines.


Some of the Pick Up Lines to Use on Girls you May Want to Avoid:


“If I followed you home, would you keep me?”


“Hi, I make more money than you can spend.”


“If I flip a coin what are the chances of getting head?”


“Do you work at Subway? Because you just gave me a Footlong.”


This is just a small sample of the types of pick up lines to use on girls you don’t want to try.  These are not only cheesy, but they show how desperate you are.  They are not clever and the dirtier ones will probably get you closer to being smacked than laid.  Lines can work, but not if you go with a line that isn’t cheesy or dirty.


Good Pick Up Lines to Use on Girls


The best pick up lines to use on girls will allow them to give you an answer to a question other than yes or no.  It will create an opportunity for a conversation and they are more than just a line.  Here are a couple examples.


“I need a woman’s opinion; my friend and I are debating how long you should be dating someone before you change your Facebook status?  What do you think?”


“Do I look gay to you?  Some guy was hitting on me in the restroom and I don’t know if it is the shirt or the way I look in these jeans, what do you think?”


The key is to not look at these as pickup lines, but instead think of these as a way to get a discussion started.  A cheesy pickup line may make a woman smile, but where do you go from there?  She is probably not going to know what to say to you and if you don’t have another line what are you going to say?


With thought provoking questions you can get a discussion started with nearly any woman and allow her to express her opinion.  This can easily lead into a full blown conversation and that is how most relationships start.  You want to come up with a unique question as your line that is both bold and intriguing.  This will work better than any of the cheesy pick up lines out there.


If all else fails you can simply introduce yourself, ask what her name is, and ask what her interests are.  Anything to get a woman talking about herself and giving you a clue about her will work in most situations.  This will lead to questions about you eventually, but before you get there let her tell you about her.  Out of all the pick-up lines to use on girls a simple introduction works more often than anything else.

Once you approahed her and managed to break the ice some way, next you need to keep the conversation going. At the same time, during the conversation drop seeds that show you are confident, have social proof and are not desparate. Gradually you can move in closer and start to create a bit of attraction between you. There is a definite art to this, and a really great course I recommend is the M.A.C.K Tactics course:


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A more advanced course, that uses the latest NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques to literally hypnotise women is this one here:

Hypnotise girls with forbidden patterns

But beware! The above book has some pretty powerful techniques!

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